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Pencils are pretty simple in how they work - a bit of graphite that leaes a mark when you rub it on paper. But that bit of graphite can vary quite a lot, and there are a lot of different ways of holding it. Wrap it in wood, grip it with a clutch mechanism, or even add a clicky mechanism to extend more lead with the push of a button. All have their advantages, their fans, and their uses.

Nothing beats the simplicity of a wood-cased pencil, and they are very flexible in the marks they can make. But a mechanical pencil stays sharp, and only needs a click instead of sharpening. And a clutch pencil can be a nice compromise when you want thicker lead without the wood.

Fat hybrid of pencil and crayon loved by kids and artists
China marker and all-purpose marking pencil - erases with damp cloth
Brilliant product - a pencil-top eraser and a point protector
The best in graphite pencils since 1905
Handy, chunky, permanent marking crayon
The popular Noris pencil - found in schools the world over
Permanent marking pencil, suitable for most surfaces
Award-winning triangular-grip pencils
Useful bi-colour pencil
Wood cased non-permanent marking pencil
Premium-quality pencil range runs from 9H-9B
Top-quality colourless blending pencil for use with graphite and coloured pencils
High-density graphite lead and a superb paint finish
Stylish, practical caps available in brass and nickel
Eraser-tip version of the popular pencil
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The new 'Advance' version of this revolutionary mechanical pencil
Classic red and black stripe pencil
Professional quality graphite pencil
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3 in stock
Portable, all-in-one pencil, sharpener and eraser
Old school drop-lead clutch pencil
Eraser-tip version of the popular pencil
Lovely mid-price pencil with rubber tip
Useful tool for blending coloured pencil artwork
The finest-quality pencil available?
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Refills for Faber 9000 Perfect Pencil
Combines the best of graphite and charcoal
Pleasingly solid HB pencil
Latest version of the Tikky mechanical pencil
Fine selection of world-class coloured pencils
0.5mm version of the superb self-sharpening pencil
Over-sized triangular grip pencil great for kids
Slender graphite sticks in 5 grades
100% lightfast, professional quality coloured pencils
Cute and stubby thick-lead pencil
Complete set of this popular and versatile art pencil with sharpener
Ultra compact mechanical pencil - perfect for notebooks!
Classic hex-barrel rotring design in matt black
Magic multicolour marbled pencils
Spare pencils for Faber Designer Perfect Pencils