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Hidden Gems

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These are the products that tend to hide their light under a bushel. They're there, on site, and you'll find them if you look for them, but they're shy. They know they're good, but they don't like to shout about it. So we've decided to haul them bodily into the spotlight, on show for all to see. They didn't like it; they whimpered and began sentences they didn't finish - 'Well, really...' and 'I don't think there's any call to...' But it was no good. We had to be cruel to be kind.
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Very black waterproof ink for fountain pens
Lovely slim retractable eraser pen
Perfect for those hard-to-reach places
Perfect for testing new inks
Excellent dry highlighter pencil with comfy grip
A ruler with a difference
Fruit-, flower- and food-scented inks
Calligraphy permanent marker with flex nib
Effective stain remover for all manner of inks and other stains
Retro globe pencil sharpener
Beautiful wooden pencil and stand set
Folded metal-based refillable desk pad
2 in stock
Traditional china pot for ink