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Wooden Pencils

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There's something about the simplicity of writing with a pencil. And there's no reason that simplicity can't be combined with a lot of quality. These pencils and accessories make the humble pencil into something perhaps a little less humble, but make the experience of using it all the better, without losing the essential simplicity that makes a wooden pencil so appealing in the first place.

Fat hybrid of pencil and crayon loved by kids and artists
China marker and all-purpose marking pencil - erases with damp cloth
The best in graphite pencils since 1905
The popular Noris pencil - found in schools the world over
Permanent marking pencil, suitable for most surfaces
Award-winning triangular-grip pencils
Great value, high quality colouring pencils
Useful bi-colour pencil
Wood cased non-permanent marking pencil
Pencil-format eraser for graphite and ink
Premium-quality pencil range runs from 9H-9B
High-density graphite lead and a superb paint finish
Eraser-tip version of the popular pencil
Classic red and black stripe pencil
Professional quality graphite pencil
Portable, all-in-one pencil, sharpener and eraser
Eraser-tip version of the popular pencil
Lovely mid-price pencil with rubber tip
The finest-quality pencil available?
Sold Out
Refills for Faber 9000 Perfect Pencil
Combines the best of graphite and charcoal
Pleasingly solid HB pencil
Fine selection of world-class coloured pencils
Over-sized triangular grip pencil great for kids
100% lightfast, professional quality coloured pencils
Cute and stubby thick-lead pencil
Handy eraser pencil with brush
Complete set of this popular and versatile art pencil with sharpener
Magic multicolour marbled pencils
Spare pencils for Faber Designer Perfect Pencils
Superior-quality all-purpose art and graphic pencil
The classic Derwent drawing pencil
Huge set of quality colouring pencils
Excellent dry highlighter pencil with comfy grip
Stunning gift box of top quality colouring pencils
4 in stock
Chunk triangular-grip pencil great for kids
Fantastic bonus pack of 6 assorted pencils and accessories
Intensely pigmented watersoluble pencils
Professional quality pencils with iridescent lead
Essential tool for making corrections and sketch lines disappear!
Ergonomic handwriting pencils for left- and right-handers
Colouring pencils with vivid, soft, waxy leads
Rhodia Pencil
From $1.88
Orange-barrel, black-wood pencil
Award-winning triangular-grip pencils
4 in stock
Artists' quality colour pencil
1 in stock
12 assorted grades of this top-quality Japanese pencil