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Gel Pens

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Gel pens are a relatively recent product, but have very quickly become a favourite for lots of people. They are very similar to liquid ink rollerballs, but the ink is in the form of a gel. Like ketchup or 'solid emulsion' paints, gel ink is solid stuff until a force is applied to it - then it becomes liquid. The act of touching the ball against paper is enough to change it, and make the ink flow. As soon as the ink is on the paper, with no force applied, it's solid again.

The gel can hold pigment, so the ink is often more permanent than liquid inks, and can write in pastel colours that show up on dark paper, or even have sparkling fragments of metal or cosmetic-grade glass for sparkling or metallic effects. Combined with the amount of ink these pens put down, this means gel pens usually make very bold, bright lines.

The disadvantages of gel pens are that they can tend to skip with very light pressure; the ink doesn't last as long as the same sized ballpoint refill would; and they don't write on all surfaces a ballpoint will, so shiny paper (like greetings cards) may be a problem. Fans of gel pens consider these small prices to pay for the smoothness, and the bright colours and really black blacks.

Pilot have a huge range of gel pens, including the classic Pilot G2 retractable, with lots of choices of tip sizes and colours. Their G-Tec-C4 can write an amazingly fine line with surprising smoothness, with ten colours available. Many of Uni-ball's gel ink pens use their 'super-ink', which is highly permanent.

Monteverde's gel refills are also worth mentioning - they'll let you use gel ink in quite a few pens that would otherwise only have ballpoint refills available.

Broad point gel rollerball with opaque white ink
Gel refill for Energel pens
Lovely broad smooth line from this rollerball
Ultra-fine rollerball in 10 colours - the original Cult Pen
Latest addition to the Energel range of rollerballs
Super-fine gel pen
3D gloss glaze effect
The original Gelly Roll pen
Best-selling retractable gel rollerball with fine point and huge colour range
Ultra-secure ink in this smart retractable gel roller
Simple rubber-grip gel stick pen
Fine tip and fast-drying ink
Stylish retractable with EnerGel hybrid ink
Alternative barrel design for the legendary G-Tec
Best-selling retractable gel rollerball with broad point
Gel pen in a range of pastel colours with super-smooth pigment ink
Best-selling retractable gel rollerball with extra-fine point
Nice retractable gel pen with fast drying ink
Economy gel range in various colours
Special edition Pink Ribbon version raises money for Breast Cancer Campaign
Smooth writing, fast drying ink is ideal for left-handers
Great value fine point gel rollerball
Broad white opaque pigment gel ink roller
Smooth writing, fast drying ink is ideal for left-handers
Super-smooth broad point economy gel rollerball with rubber grip
Sparkly glittery ink!
Utterly brilliant erasable rollerball pen - makes all others obsolete
The original Gelly Roll pen
Archival-quality gel pen with super-smooth ink at great price
New-tech gel pen in 5 colours and super-smooth pigment ink
Cute mini-sized version of best-selling G2 gel retractable
Lots of metallic shades
Lovely quality refillable rollerball in retro colours
Simple everyday gel roller with fine line
Super-smooth fine point economy gel rollerball with rubber grip
Fine needlepoint version of the popular erasable rollerball
Economy gelstick rollerball - 10 colours
Two different shades from each pen!
Super-smooth fine point economy gel rollerball
Frixion retractable - click, write, erase, rewrite, click!
Two different shades from each pen!
Recycled version of the cult classic G-Tec-C4, with rubber grip
Super-smooth extra-fine economy gel rollerball