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Tombow was founded in Japan in 1913 as a pencil manufacturer and in recent years has become an influential designer of fine writing instruments. Tombow pens make use of aluminium and other lightweight and durable materials to create harmonious designs with a high degree of ergonomic practicality and technical perfection.
Versatile art pen in huge colour range
Gorgeous art pencil range, superbly presented
2 in stock
Versatile art pen in huge colour range
High-density graphite lead and a superb paint finish
1 in stock
12 assorted grades of this top-quality Japanese pencil
Brilliant do-anything write-anyhow pen
Typical Japanese fude pen
Refill packs for broad and fine Tombow Mono Zero eraser pens
Lovely slim retractable eraser pen
3 in stock
Useful desk-stand for Tombow ABT Brush Pen
Versatile art pen in huge colour range
Liquid ink refill for Tombow rollerball pens
Lovely slim retractable eraser pen
Perfect for erasing ink
Lovely slim retractable eraser pen
Refill for Tombow Airpress pen
Compact refill for Tombow 707,727,Ladies and 414
Innovative and high-quality correction tape is reliable and easy to use
Extra thin for precise erasing
Simple refillable 4-colour ballpoint with black,red, green and blue ink
Classic Japanese eraser available in three sizes
High-quality glue stick
Brush pen with both black and grey ink
No more eraser residue all over your work!
High-quality glue stick
Strong permanent bond with acid-free glue
Twin tip permanent fineliner
Refill for Tombow Reporter 4
Permanent or repositionable glue with fine and broad applicators
Combi-eraser for ink and graphite
High-quality glue stick
Perfect for use on delicate paper
Old-style glue pen for fine work
Versatile needle-tipped drawing pen
Dual-method advance mechanism mechanical pencil
Pressurised refill for XPA Outdoor pen
Contains 6 different lead grades
4 in stock
Ultra-slim designer pencil
2 in stock
4 in stock
Contains blender, spray, palette and guide
Pack of 2
Colours especially suited to Manga
Ultra-slim designer ballpoint
Versatile art pen in huge colour range