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Mechanical Pencils

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Sometimes we think we should be called Cult Mechanical Pencils. We have more types of mechanical pencil on sale than anywhere else we know of and there's something about them that excites much interest. There's an amazing variety available, from less than £1 to over £100, but they're all amazingly durable and even the cheapest can give years of service and is endlessly refillable. In the Cult Pens office, mech pencils are frequently used simply because they're reliable, erasable, cheaply refilled and just interesting.

Mechanical pencils can be used for drafting, drawing or writing and we have models suitable for any or all of these. The most interesting mechanical pencils are probably from Japan, where they are hugely popular. Check out the latest development in this field - the amazing Uni Kuru Toga self-sharpening pencil! The wealth of features available can be overwhelming, and we try and make sense of them all for you on our Pencyclopedia page. Highlights in our line-up include the Pentel Kerry and Pentel Graph 1000; the OHTO Promecha range; the Platinum Pro-Use range; the Faber-Castell e-motion and the rotring 600. For the luxury option, it's hard to beat anything by Graf von Faber-Castell.

A full list of mechanical pencils follows. Use the filters to refine this list by lead size, advance mechanism, body colour or material, or use these buttons for some of the most common lead sizes:

Sold Out
The new 'Advance' version of this revolutionary mechanical pencil
3 in stock
Superior, heavyweight, tactile pens
Latest version of the Tikky mechanical pencil
0.5mm version of the superb self-sharpening pencil
Pocket-safe double-knock retractable pencil
Popular pencil with big twist eraser and rubber grip
New easy-grip mechanical pencil for kids
Classic professional drafting pencil in 4 ISO sizes
New version of the popular pencil with the big twist eraser and rubber grip
All-steel version of the classic mechanical pencil, with chrome trim
Ultra compact mechanical pencil - perfect for notebooks!
Classic 0.7mm pencil with large triangular rubber grip
Brilliant economy mechanical pencil with rubber grip
BIC's mechanical pencil
New easy-grip mechanical pencil for kids
Our very own mechanical pencil
Wonderful 2mm mechanical pencil in wooden pencil barrel
Sold Out
The new 'Advance' version of this revolutionary mechanical pencil
Solid metal drafting pencil in matt black
Designer-style auto-feed pencil at an amazing price
Simple value drafting pencil
The original tool pencil
Classic burgundy version of the popular Tikky 3
Robust metal pencil is great value
Self-sharpening pencil with protective sleeve
Heavyweight mechanical pencil with retracting tip
Premium version of the excellent self-sharpening pencil
Popular pencil range suitable for all uses
Retro design mechanical pencil
1 in stock
Solid drafting pencil with a host of professional features - a best-seller
1.4mm version of this popular classic
Nice triangular-barrel pencil with excellent twist-eraser
4 in stock
Affordable mechanical pencil with extra-large eraser
4 in stock
Professional pencil with excellent knurled-metal grip
0.2mm fine-lead mechanical pencil