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Tool Pens

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Novelty pens aren't really our thing here at Cult Pens. We have more respect for the humble writing instrument than to fall for such cheap tricks. A few cases so far have been special enough for us to go for, though - these tool pens are no mere novelties.

The Messograf is a classic of its type, incorporating a calliper gauge with a vernier scale; and it can measure the depth of your tyre tread. Monteverde's tool pens are nice pens to use in their own rights, but add tool-like styling and a few neat tricks. They include a ruler and a screwdriver, have a capacitive stylus for phones and tablets, and most models even have a spirit level.

The versatile pen - with ruler, gauge and more!
A Cult Pens version of the versatile tool pen
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Cool multi-use tool pen with spirit level
Tiny little tool pen!
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Tiny little tool pen!
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Tiny little tool pen!
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Tiny little tool pen!
Tiny little tool pen!
Tiny little tool pen!
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