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Brass Collection

30 Results
Traditional brass sharpener
Solid tactile brass sharpener from Germany
Heavy, solid pencil
Superior, heavyweight, tactile pens
Unusual sharpener that doubles as a keyring
Sold Out
Beautiful brass writing instrument
1 in stock
A Cult Pens version of the versatile tool pen
Lead-free metal pocket pen
Vintage style numbered clips
Stunning brass mechanical pencil which will age beautifully over time
2 in stock
Stunning extendable solid brass fountain pen
1 in stock
3 ballpoins plus a pencil
Stunning brass fountain pen which will age beautifully over time
1 in stock
Stunning brass tool pen
1 in stock
1 in stock
4 in stock
Stylish, understated metal fountain pen
1 in stock
Beautiful gift set comprising brass clutch pencil and ruler/sharpener
2 in stock
Solidy-built metal rollerball