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Ballpoint Pens

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Probably the most familliar writing instrument to most people, ballpoint pens are everywhere. While a ballpoint does require some pressure to make it work, most good quality modern ballpoints write quite smoothly, and can put down more solid lines, and better colours, than older or cheaper models.

Despite the introduction of liquid ink and gel ink rollerballs, ballpoints are still the most-used type of pen, for some good reasons. Ballpoint pens are amazingly reliable, and if they do stop working, usually only need a bit of scribbling to get going again. Choices are almost unlimited, at high or low price ranges. All but the cheapest ballpoints are refillable, and refills last a long time - both in terms of writing length and shelf life.

If you're looking for a simple 'stick' ballpoint, you can't go far wrong with the classic Staedtler Stick. If you prefer retractable pens, the Zebra Z-Grip offers great quality for a low price.

For a more luxurious ballpoint, it can be worth looking for something that takes standard refills - many full-size ballpoints take Parker-style refills, giving you a huge range of options for refills, with a large range of colours and tip sizes, from extra-fine to extra-broad. Compact pens often use 'D1' multipen ballpoint refills, again giving you a good choice of brands and colours.

The ubiquity and popularity of ballpoint refills means that it's the default choice for most designer pens - the sheer variety of ballpoint pens is amazing. Try Caran d'Ache and Lamy at the mid price points; and Graf von Faber-Castell or Porsche Design for some luxury options.

Pressurised refill lets this pen write upside-down, on wet paper, etc
Probably the world's best-known ballpoint
Lightweight, robust aluminium ballpoint pen
Affordable yet impressively good ballpoint pens
Super-smooth rollerball with ultra-fast-drying ink
Super-smooth rollerball with ultra-fast-drying ink
Erasable pen with fun designs
Basic retractable ballpen in classic CdA look
Made using recycled ocean plastic
Probably the world's best-known ballpoint
Extraordinary value ballpoint
Affordable yet impressively good ballpoint pens
Good quality disposable ballpoint
Super-smooth quick-dry broad pen with hybrid ink
Super-smooth hybrid ink pen with triangular barrel
4 in stock
Brilliant do-anything write-anyhow pen
Very smooth writing ballpoint pen
Lightweight ballpoint with minimalist design
The versatile pen - with ruler, gauge and more!
Designed for a very comfortable writing experience
Tough, all metal ballpoint pen
An office staple - smooth-writing disposable pen
78% recycled retractable ballpoint
Popular high-quality stick pen with rubber grip and good colour and width options
Ridged rubber grip in a range of basic colours
Robust metal pen is great value
Ballpoint especially for exams
Great value retractable ballpoint with rubber-grip
Great value super-smooth half-metal pen
Recycled plastic, refillable, retractable ballpoint
Classic superior-quality crystal-barrel ballpoint