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Brilliant product - a pencil-top eraser and a point protector
The best plastic eraser around
Pencil-format eraser for graphite and ink
Putty eraser ideal for artists
Lovely slim retractable eraser pen
Superior eraser creates less mess
Lovely slim retractable eraser pen
Perfect for erasing ink
Pack of 2
Lovely slim retractable eraser pen
Handy eraser pencil with brush
Retractable eraser pen with refillable eraser core
Good old-fashioned white rubber eraser
Extra thin for precise erasing
Classic Japanese eraser available in three sizes
Classic kneadable putty rubber
Chunky triangular eraser designed to complement the F-C 2001 pencils
Sold Out
Super-sassy solar system erasers
Dust-free pencil eraser in black
Pen-shaped eraser with ratchet system
No more eraser residue all over your work!
Artist quailty putty eraser for pencil
Plastic eraser for removing graphite
Soft, kneadable eraser for artists
Metal bodied retractable eraser
Combi-eraser for ink and graphite
4 in stock
Perfect for use on delicate paper
Smart fold-away eraser design
Soft white eraser
Metal-bodied retractable eraser pen
1 in stock
Versatile glass-fibre eraser
Sold Out
Plastic eraser
5 different edge widths for versatile erasing
4 in stock
Make no mistakes with this tactile little eraser
High quality pencil eraser
Plastic eraser
Assortment of blending tools