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e+m Holzprodukte was founded in Nuremberg in 1899 as a manufacturer of pen nib holders. Family-owned and run, they are now based in Neumarkt, and produce individually-crafted writing implements using natural raw materials. Responsibly-sourced and FSC-certified wood is their main material, although they have now branched out into using metals and leather. Using traditional manufacturing methods and master craftsmen, e+m produce a range of stationery that is beautiful in its simplicity.

Gorgeous little wooden cube leadpointer
4 in stock
Warm wood and polished steel letter knife
4 in stock
Funky modern pencil extender
Traditional beechwood pencil extender
4 in stock
Curvy wooden clutch pencil
Beautiful wooden pencil and stand set
Pocket sketch pencil in beechwood
5.5mm sketch pencil in beechwood
Drop-in ballpoint conversion for 5.6mm pencil
3 in stock
Clutch pencil set for your desk
Simple natural wood pen and pencil pot
5.6mm highlighter leads for clutch pencil
Neat square cross-sectioned 15cm wooden ruler
Curvaceous wooden lead pointer
3 in stock
Neat clutch pencil and sharpener set
Save 14%
Unique leather wrap barrel design from e+m
4 in stock
Slim ergonomic ballpoint pen in stunning Zebrano wood
Wooden barrelled pen with comfortable grip
Nicely-balanced pen
Hand made wooden mechanical pencil
Pleasingly chunky wooden mechanical pencil
Save 21%
Tray and pen crafted from the same piece of wood
Unstained and minimalist
Heavy, chunky wood-veneer pencil
Solid metal pencil in brass, copper or aluminium
1 in stock
Beautiful gift set comprising brass clutch pencil and ruler/sharpener
Beautiful wooden pencil and stand set
Hand-stitched, fits one pen
Super thin ruler can be used as a bookmark
Stylish, practical caps available in brass and nickel
Subtly-designed tube to carry single pen
3 in stock
Wooden-barrelled ballpoint with smooth-action mechanism
Simple retractable pen with wooden barrel
Weighty pencil made from beech
Save 25%
Wooden barrelled pen with comfortable grip
2 in stock
Matching pencil and ruler set
Wooden pencil with comfortable grip
Simple felt pen pouches
Ballpoint refill for e+m stick pens
Stylish way of extending pencils
2 in stock
Three piece desk accessories set available in maple or walnut wood
Sold Out
Simple natural wood pen pot
3 in stock
Simple wooden pencil tray
Simple dip pen holder
Simple wooden dip pen holder
Simple wooden dip pen holder
Simple wooden dip pen holder
Lead for e+m clutch pencils
4 in stock
Limited edition pen with its origins in the wine industry
Mini wooden-barrelled ballpoint pen