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We list the most interesting and eagerly-awaited items here that we don't have yet, but can't wait to get! If you're eagerly awaiting something here, you can either pre-order or request a notification when it arrives. Only some items can be pre-ordered, with most, there will be plenty available, so there's no need.

For items that can't be pre-ordered, you'll be able to request a notification when we get stock by picking any options and tapping 'Email me when in stock'. If you request a notification, you're not committing to anything - we'll send you an email when it arrives, but it's entirely up to you if you want to buy at that point or not.

Occasionally, for especially popular items, it's possible for things to sell out quickly - we'll always try to order enough stock so people aren't disappointed, but sometimes it's just not possible. If you're unlucky, and the item has gone by time you get to it, you can ask to be notified again - we won't email you again about it otherwise.