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Derwent pencils have been made in Cumbria, UK, since 1832. In that time, a lot has changed in the world; the pencils, however, are still the same great quality British-made product that Derwent has been producing for over 180 years.

They combine traditional pencil-making skills with state of the art manufacturing techniques, producing pencils these days in their purpose-built factory which ensures production is as environmentally-friendly as possible. You can read more about Derwent in our two blogs: their eco-credentials 'Derwent - Doing It Right' and our visit to their factory 'Cult Pens Visits Derwent.'

100% lightfast, professional quality coloured pencils
Combination of graphite and pigment
4 in stock
Colouring pencils with vivid, soft, waxy leads
Top-quality colourless blending pencil for use with graphite and coloured pencils
Stunning gift box of top quality colouring pencils
The classic Derwent drawing pencil
Versatile sticks of watercolour ink
British-made pencil in a range of colours
Professional quality pencils with iridescent lead
Rice paper blending stumps for use with a variety of media
Intensely pigmented watersoluble pencils
Inktense paint for art on the go
High-quality permanent drawing pen
Artist quailty putty eraser for pencil
Water spray for artwork
4 in stock
Refills for the Derwent Precision mechanical pencil
4 in stock
Burnisher to give glossy finish to pencil works
High-quality permanent drawing pen with a superfine tip
High-quality permanent drawing pen
High-quality permanent drawing pen
Save 20%
Artist quality watercolour pencils
Versatile sticks of watercolour ink
Unusual watersoluble sketching pencils
Refills for the Derwent Precision mechanical pencil
Save 50%