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All-purpose marker in 8 bold colours
Super-permanent gloss paint marker
Legendary permanent marker with metallic ink!
Grip barrel fineliner in 10 colours
Super-permanent gloss paint marker
Good value range of quality drawing pens
Bullet-tipped version of the POSCA PC-8K
Broad point gel rollerball with opaque white ink
Bright gloss paint in a pen, highly permanent in 10 colours
Sold Out
Stunning bronze finish for the 2019 special edition
Pressurised refill lets this pen write upside-down, on wet paper, etc
Multi-surface marker pen
Fineliner in a great range of colours
Lovely broad smooth line from this rollerball
The classic pigment ink Uni-ball roller in medium point and big colour range
Save 42%
Classic fineliner in 16 colours
Twin-tip marker for art and craft with 80 blendable colours
Low odour permanent marker made from 89% recycled materials
The classic sign pen, now available with a brush tip!
Popular, timeless fibre pen previously known as Nylon and Tempo
Original design of the world's most famous marker
Unique cushion-tip fineliner is great for writing and drawing
Probably the world's best-known ballpoint
Legendary permanent marker
Ultra-fine rollerball in 10 colours - the original Cult Pen
Multi-surface marker pen
Lightweight, robust aluminium ballpoint pen
Convenient retractable version of the famous marker
Permanent marking of fabrics - stands up to repeated washes
Universal permanent marker pen in 8 colours
Latest addition to the Energel range of rollerballs
The original rollerball in the classic green barrel
Super-fine gel pen
High-permanance marker suitable for coated or glossy surfaces
3D gloss glaze effect
The classic pigment ink Uni-ball roller in fine point