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Inky Gifts

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If you want a gift for a fountain pen user, but you don’t want to buy them another pen, why not some ink? Bottled ink can be both beautiful and practical, and a bottle lasts a long time, making it a gift that lasts, and one they’ll remember often as they fill their pen. We’ve put together a selection of our favourites here - special inks, and sets, that people love.
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Special edition inks in special bottles
Set of all Cult Pens 16th birthday inks
Limited edition Christmassy inks from Down Under
Perfect for testing new inks
Superb quality Montblanc ink
Lovely gift-boxed set of three mini bottles of superior quality Iroshizuku ink
Stunning collection of commemorative inks
Unique portable ink reservoir suitable for refilling many fountain pens
3 in stock
Special collection of exclusive ink colours
Luxury bottled ink collection for fountain pens
3 in stock
Fruit-, flower- and food-scented inks
2 in stock
Special edition of exclusive ink colours
Shimmering ink from the Philippines
2 in stock
Harry Potter themed ink!
3 in stock
Stunning iridescent ink
Stunning iridescent ink
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