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Drawing And Sketching

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Sketches can be the end result, the art in itself, or can be a stepping stone to something more polished. In any case, the right tools always help. Good quality pencils that put down a smoother line, or clutch pencils for quick and rough sketching. Paper to draw on, and books to show them how. Drawing pens in various tip sizes to finish things off. If you know someone who loves to draw and sketch, or who’d love to get started, we have just what they’ll need.
Set of 6 superb rollerball drawing pen
Handy pack of quality drawing pens
Heavy, solid pencil
2 in stock
Ideal for artists and illustrators
2 in stock
High-quality permanent drawing pen with a superfine tip
Classic top-quality pencils in assorted set
4 in stock
Handy pack of assorted drawing pens
Contains 6 different lead grades
Black paper, especially good with metallic pens and pencils!
2 in stock
Pens, pencil, ink and compass adaptor
3 in stock
Well-stocked sketching set
3 in stock
1 in stock
Superior quality art paper
Stunning set of superior-quality sketching pencils and graphite
Assorted tins of professional quality pencils
Save 35%
The ultimate gift box for sketching
  • Measures 225mm x 225mm
  • Hard cover with rounded corners
  • 112 pages of 150gsm white paper
  • Thread-binding to open flat
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