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Fineliner pens are a class of fine fibre or plastic tip pens that are typically used for graphic, drawing or sketching purposes, but are also popular for handwriting as many people like the unique feel of the tip compared to a traditional ball-tipped pen. The tips are generally long and metal-clad to allow use with rulers and templates without bending. Fineliners are generally relatively cheap, as the construction is very simple. They're mostly disposable, but there are a few premium refillable options. Most fineliner pens use dye-based ink, which is not hugely permanent, but there are many that use lightfast and waterproof pigment ink, especially the more technical drawing ranges, and the new Schneider Xpress, which is a lovely premium fineliner. Most fineliner models are available in several ink colours, and many are available in large ranges of 25 or more colours - the classic here being the Stabilo point 88 in its distinctive orange and white stripes.

Grip barrel fineliner in 10 colours
Good value range of quality drawing pens
Fineliner in a great range of colours
Classic fineliner in 16 colours
Unique cushion-tip fineliner is great for writing and drawing
Multi-use drawing pen
Waterproof ink drawing pen replaces the old rotring Xonox
Legendary archival drawing pen - with a plastic nib!
Multi-use drawing pen
Super-fine tipped fineliner
Disposable technical pen in 8 widths
Brilliant triangular-barrel fineliner
Save 57%
Classic office fineliner pen
Good-value disposable technical pen
Disposable drawing pen with quality ink in 5 tip widths
The original plastic-tip fineliner with the orange barrel
Very nice premium fineliner with soft grip
Good value range of quality drawing pens
Handy pack of quality drawing pens
Professional-quality drawing pen in good range of sizes from 0.05mm
Broad-point fineliner pen
Good value range of quality drawing pens
Unique cushion-tip fineliner is great for writing and drawing
Professional-quality drawing pen in 4 colours
Durable plastic tipped fineliner with strong pocket clip
Ultra-fine version of the famous marker
Perfect for precise labelling
Refillable fineliner
Good value range of quality drawing pens
High-quality permanent drawing pen
Twin tip permanent fineliner
Top-quality drawing pen
Legendary archival drawing pen
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High-quality permanent drawing pen with a superfine tip
High-quality permanent drawing pen
Popular, timeless fibre pen previously known as Nylon and Tempo
Professional-quality drawing pen in handy desk set
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