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Derwent Chromaflow

Derwent Chromaflow coloured pencils deliver a bold, vibrant laydown thanks to their richly-pigmented 3.5mm cores, which are tough enough to withstand enthusiastic use and repeated sharpening. The colours layer seamlessly and blend easily, and the smooth, velvety texture combined with the vivid colours make for very striking artwork indeed. Although suitable for all coloured pencil artists, they're aimed particularly at students and hobbyists, for whom price is a determining factor when choosing tools for their art. Chromaflow pencils offer a satisfying creative experience without breaking the bank, and enable beginners to feel free to experiment and improve their skills.

Suitable for all types of colour pencil styles and techniques. Wax based pencils that provide a smooth and velvety laydown. Create a variety of textures including hair and fur textures for realistic portraits and shades and tones. Use on their own for rich and vibrant colours for striking artworks or mix in with your favourite sketching or colouring pencils.
Derwent Electric Eraser

Perfect for when precision erasing is required in detailed artworks and technical drawing. Erases cleanly and quickly using a non-abrasive, circular motor movement. Suitable for use by both right- and left-handed people. Charging lead included as well as 20 eraser refills.

Derwent Tonal Paper

Derwent Mixed Tone Paper pad in A4 contains 20 sheets of 120gsm acid-free paper in 4 grey and earthy shades. Suitable for use with dry media including sketching pencils, pastels, coloured pencils and charcoal. Each sheet is smooth on one side and textured on the other.

Derwent Sharpener

with a durable helical blade which sharpeners pencils to super points for fine detail work. The extendable front plate has a self-feeding mechanism which stops when the pencil has reached a superb point. The transparent sliding tray reservoir is easily emptied and each sharpener comes with a desk clamp.