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Using our site is quite easy - just add the items you want to your basket, then click the Checkout button, and enter your details. If you have any questions about the whole process, you might want to start with our FAQ - the most common questions are all answered there. Or maybe you just want to know a bit more about us.

Maybe you want more information about delivery? A lot of people do - once you've ordered your pens, you want them in your hands - we would too!

If you're waiting for your order to arrive, check the shipping email we sent you for more information, including how to track your order. Most questions are answered there, but you can always contact us if yours isn't or you think there might be a problem.

If you really like us, and you think your friends would too, you can use our referral scheme.

What if you have your order, but there's a problem? Maybe something is damaged, or isn't what you wanted, or there's a fault. These things don't happen often, but they're always possible. You can read more about what to do in Returns and Refunds, but do contact us first in the case of any fault or damage, so we can try to minimise the trouble for you. In the case of problems, though, we usually need the items to be returned to us, so we can send them back to the manufacturer - they usually want to see what the problem is for themselves!

If you're a fan of small print, you can see our full terms and conditions here, but we aren't that keen on small print and legal-speak ourselves - we just try to sort out any problems, and answer any questions as well as we can.