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Henri and Robert Verilhac founded the stationer 'Papeteries Verilhac Freres' in 1932 in Lyon, France. In 1934 manufacturing of the legendary Rhodia notepads began. The Rhodia name was derived from the Rhone river which flows by Lyon; the logo symbolizes the two brothers using the fir trees local to the region; the product was born from the simple idea of a functional and universal item allied to high quality, skilled craftsmanship, innovation and aesthetics. Today Rhodia paper is renowned for its quality and offers a superb writing experience for any type of writing instrument.

Rhodia Touch Carb'ON notebook with black paper. This version of the Rhodia Touch pad comes with black paper intended to be used for high contrast effects. Chalk and light pencils among other media work great with the paper. Contains 112 pages of blank, 120gsm, black, acid-free, light-resistant paper.

Rhodia Mechanical Pencil in a range of classic colours to complement the Rhodia notepads. Subtle, simple design. Brushed aluminium hexagonal barrel, smooth push-button mechanism extends the lead. Sturdy pocket clip engraved with the 'Rhodia' logo. Replaceable eraser. Refillable with 0.5mm leads.

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