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Founded in 1925 by Armando Simoni in Bologna, Italy, Omas was known for its innovative designs and use of vivid materials. They created vibrant celluloid pens when black ebonite was the norm. Omas had had its fair share of challenges in recent times, but is now back with an unwavering commitment to maintain the old-time company's reputation and heritage, while exploring new models and materials. The relaunched Omas has secured exclusive supply of some of the original celluloid and will be using this alongside new and innovative materials to continue the great history of the brand. Nibs continue to be crafted in-house offering a combination of rigidity and comfort, allowing you to write with pleasure.

Omas Ogiva

The OMAS Ogiva is a masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship, known for its exquisite design and exceptional writing performance. The pen's name, "Ogiva," is inspired by its streamlined and tapered shape, reminiscent of an elegant bullet or an elongated drop of water. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Ogiva boasts a balanced and comfortable feel in hand, allowing for a smooth and effortless writing experience.

Omas Paragon

The Omas Paragon dates back to the 1930s and was created by Armando Simoni. The 12 faceted profile and roller clip define a unique style of Italian writing, and only the best celluloid is used in this collection. The refilling mechanism has been reconstructed so that the ink does not touch the delicate celluloid, preventing possible corrosion.

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