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One of the early pioneers of fountain pens, Waterman was established in America by Louis Edson Waterman in 1884. Very successful in the early years of the 20th century, Waterman expanded around the world. However, in an unusual twist the US parent was struggling by the end of World War II and was eventually absorbed by the more successful French subsidiary, Waterman SA. Although this has now been absorbed in it's turn by Sanford, the writing instruments division of the huge American Newell corporation, Waterman remains based in France and the products retain a distinctive European look. Waterman pens are of exceptional quality and are highly recommended.

Slim and elegant, the Hemisphere can bring a little Parisian style to your day-to-day writing. The tapering barrel and cap, the simple taper to the end of the clip, the top of the cap cutting away at an angle - small touches that all add up to a stylish appearance.

The Expert Metallic special edition range has a distinctively modern feel. This exclusively crafted pen features black ruthenium-plated trims, black PVD-coated stainless steel nib, and gold-coloured metallic effect lacquer to give a stylish finish. Pull-off cap posts securely.