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The production of paper is a long running tradition for the valley of the Meurthe, with the creation of the first paper mill dating back to the 16th century. It is in this environment that Papeteries de Clairefontaine started their production in 1858, in the town of Etival Clairefontaine. The Clairefontaine brand has grown to become synonymous with high quality papers, producing over 165,000 tonnes of paper a year (over 450 tonnes a day!) for well-loved brands such as RhodiaClairefontaine papers are made from high quality, responsibly- and sustainably-sourced wood stocks.

Featured Clairefontaine

Clairefontaine Cyanotype

This magical photographic technique, invented in the mid-nineteenth was pioneered by English Botanist Anna Atkins. For this collection Invincible été pays tribute to the history of Cyanotype to create herbaria precisely reflecting all the magical details of nature. 

Clairefontaine La Vie En Vosges

Clairefontaine velvet vellum paper has been made in Vosges since 1858 and this collections is inspired but the emblematic landscape of the region. La Vie en Vosges and Clairefontaine have joined forces to offer a collection of stationery showcasing the excellence of the Vosges.

Clairefontaine Terracotta

Let the Terracotta collection immerse you in a soothing world where organic forms and warm hues interlace harmoniously. Ohre, and beige tones, drawn from nature, establish a comforting and enveloping ambiance.

Clairefontaine Moulin Rouge

Step into the enchanting and iconic universe of Parisian cabaret with this new, very French, collection. Since 1899 Moulin Rouge has put elegance, love, and modernity at centre stage. This collection is adorned with glossy varnish to best convey the glamorous essence of the Moulin Rouge.