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S. T. Dupont

Founded in 1872 and named for their founder, Simon Tissot Dupont, S. T. Dupont began by making luxury leather briefcases, employing many skilled craftsmen including lacquer workers, goldsmiths, engravers, locksmiths and leather workers. When Lucien Tissot Dupont, son of Simon, was on his way to New York to present their cases to Louis Cartier for their 5th Avenue store, in 1929, he learned of the stock market crash. He decided to move the company further upmarket, to cater to clients wealthy enough to be protected from the finance market.

The result is now one of the world's leading luxury goods manufacturers, probably best known for their lighters. We, of course, are more interested in their high quality pens, inks and refills. Read more about the history of the S. T. Dupont here.