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For more than 165 years, STABILO have been creating visionary and innovative pens and pencils for highlighting, sketching, writing and colouring - in a variety of colours and on-trend designs. From the unique and distinctive shape of the STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL highlighters, to the high-quality design of STABILO pens like the point 88, their much sought-after products provide a splash of colour to our everyday lives.


The STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL highlighter is a popular choice for highlighting important information in text allowing you to focus on what matters to you since 1971. It's instantly recognisable for its unique shape and its 4-hour cap off time and comfortable grip, and 30 nature, pastel and fluorescent colours. Why not #HighlightWhatMatters to you and be a part of the STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL campaign.

STABILO Hand Lettering

Art & Hand Lettering

If you have a passion for art or simply enjoy drawing, you'll be pleased to know that STABILO has a range of colouring products designed to elevate your creativity and produce exceptional results. Whether you're an aspiring artist or simply enjoy doodling in your spare time, we have you covered. With a variety of options to choose from, you can explore your artistic side and produce works that are truly remarkable.

Featured STABILO

STABILO UK is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of writing instruments, producing pens and pencils for writing and creative work. STABILO are brand leaders in many categories, but they BOSS the highlighter category across Europe, and the iconic STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL has played a big part in this for over 50 years.