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Parker Fine Writing

Parker is probably the most famous pen brand on the planet. The Duofold is its most prestigious pen and dates from the 1920s, while the Parker 51, with its unusual hooded nib, was described as 'the pen from another planet'.

A classic reimagined. The unique Parker 51 is inspired by the pen once hailed as the ‘world’s most wanted’—retaining its streamlined silhouette, distinctive hooded nib and range of stunning, bold colours. From conception to assembly, the attention to detail is second to none.

135 Years in the Making

In 1888, George S. Parker took the first of countless steps on a journey of ambition, passion, and innovation. For 135 years Parker has continuously built upon a legacy of craftsmanship and quality, making the Parker name synonymous with excellence in Fine Writing.

The history of Parker pens is also a lot of the history of pens in general, with innovations like the 'Lucky Curve' feed that made fountain pens more reliable and less likely to leak, and the Aerometric feed that first made fountain pens safe from the pressure changes in aircraft. The Parker 51 was a huge success, and introduced the world to the 'ink collector', which kept a ready supply of ink wrapped around the nib - relatives of the same system are in use today not only in fountain pens, but in many of the best rollerballs too.