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Derwent pencils have been made in Cumbria, UK, since 1832. They combine traditional pencil-making skills with state of the art manufacturing techniques, while being as environmentally-friendly as possible. Their huge range caters for every aspiring creative, from beginners and students to professional artists. It includes not just every type of coloured pencil, but watercolours, ink blocks, pastels and charcoal, as well as specialist art paper and useful accessories. There are a few workshops over on our YouTube channel, which you might find interesting: Cult Pens - YouTube

Derwent Inktense water soluble pencils are some of the best and most vibrant you'll find anywhere. These pencils can be used dry, but it's when you use them with water that they really come to life and the 'lead' turns into vibrant ink! Once dry, the colours are fixed, and you can safely work over the top of them. This permanency also makes them ideal for working with fabrics like silks and cotton. They can also be used on surfaces such as ceramic and wood. Order now.

Derwent Chromaflow

Derwent Chromaflow coloured pencils deliver a bold, vibrant laydown thanks to their richly-pigmented 3.5mm cores, which are tough enough to withstand enthusiastic use and repeated sharpening. The colours layer seamlessly and blend easily, and the smooth, velvety texture combined with the vivid colours make for very striking artwork indeed. Chromaflow pencils offer a satisfying creative experience without breaking the bank, and enable beginners to feel free to experiment and improve their skills.

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