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Ferris Wheel Press

Located where the rat-tat-tat of the printing press meets the nostalgia of the carnival, Ferris Wheel Press is a Canadian heritage stationery company that creates extraordinary products that will be treasured for generations. Their timeless designs and thoughtful storytelling connect the world through art, writing, beauty, and craftsmanship. Their mission is to help the world Fall in Love with Writing Again.

Ferritales: The Ribbiting Pond

In a kingdom veiled by lush forests and whispering streams, the mirror-smooth surface of a magical pond unveils the authentic self of a handsome prince, concealed behind a frog-faced facade. With a gentle touch, the prince's true reflection emerges, liberating him from the curse that once held him captive. As the pond's enchanting blue depths unfold, let its shimmering waters reflect the realm where inner beauty triumphs and love's transformative power reigns supreme.

Ferritales: Plaited Gold Tress

Behind the radiance of the gleaming tower reveals Rapunzel's life in capture, concealed behind lofty its walls. Her cascading golden tresses flow like a river as vibrant as the sunlit dawn. With a tender touch, her existence transforms, shattering the chains of isolation that once held her captive. As the golden glow of this ink unfolds, let its radiant hues mirror a realm where inner strength prevails, and the transformative power of self-discovery glistens, echoing the unwavering resilience that resides within.

Behold, the Carousel Inkwell! This mighty glass vessel is surely the most magical addition to the Ferris Wheel Press universe.

Get ready to be transported to a world of wonder every time you put pen to paper. Only 1500 global units available.