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Sheaffer has been a worldwide lynchpin in the fine-writing industry since Walter A Sheaffer began way back in 1913. Starting as a backroom business with only seven employees, the company has grown throughout the years into a top designer and manufacturer of writing instruments and creative tools. In recent years the brand has diversified to become a Pen & Art Supply company, with the introduction of cool and colourful collections which encourage self-expression for those that have a curious mind. Click here to read about the history of Sheaffer.

Featured Sheaffer

Each Sheaffer pen tells a story of artistry and precision, reflecting an uncompromising commitment to excellence. Sheafer are the pioneers of the lever-filling fountain pen, the inlaid nib and many more significant advancements, underscoring our perpetual drive for innovation.   

Sheaffer 100

With its modern design, timeless finish options, and balanced feel, the Sheaffer 100 is the perfect tool for letting ideas flow effortlessly onto the page. For anyone who enjoys writing, the Sheaffer 100 is an affordable way to bring that experience up a notch while also making an impression.