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Paper & Notebooks

We're Cult Pens, but what would all these lovely pens be without something to write in? Just sticks. So we have notebooks too, with all sorts of sizes, page layouts, cover materials and designs. We stock quite a few of the world's finest brands of notebook, including:

RhodiaLeuchtturm1917, and Moleskine.

Featured Brands

Paper Categories

We have some nice leather covers, to hold multiple notebooks, to give the simplest books a bit more style and class, and to last a lifetime. TRAVELER'S COMPANY make the classic leather covers, and a huge selection of refills to fit.

While a hard cover will tend to protect your notes better, and can be easier if you need the cover to support your writing; soft covers have more flex, so can be easier to fit in a pocket or bag.

There are often choices of page layouts. For most people, lined is the classic and most commonly used. Squared, or graph paper, is a popular alternative, and dot-grid is perfect for many people, and increasingly popular. Many people find the dots give them just enough guidance, while getting in their way less than lines or squares. And, of course, there are plenty of notebooks with plain paper if you don't need the guidance at all!

You can narrow down this list with the filters (don't forget the 'More filters' link!) or for quick access, filter the sizes with the quick links. The main A-sizes are the commonly-used sizes around most of the world, while 90x140 is a popular size for pocket notebooks, as used by Moleskine and many others, also known as 3.5"x5.5" in the USA. B-sizes fit between the A-sizes for more options.