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Established in 2019, Nahvalur - the Icelandic translation of their former name 'Narwhal' - make pens that aren't just a pleasure to use, but a pleasure to look at as well. They're designed to be a reflection on the user; the inspired names and the range of different colours and finishes means there should be something for everybody. We especially love the little ink-viewing portholes on the Nautilus collection!

Featured Nahvalur

Cult Pens Exclusive Gold Camerae Nautilus Fountain Pen by Nahvalur

Gold Camerae takes its namesake from the Nautilus cephalopod which has numerous chambers inside their shells enclosed by septa that keep them buyoant. The pen is a piston filler with a chamber inside just waiting to be filled with ink! The Nautilus collection features Nahvalur's proprietary ink window with three intricate windows carved on the pen's barrel. Features a piston filling mechanism and ebonite barrel.

Nahvalur Nautilus Anthias Violet & Faroe Marine

Like others of the Nautilus Collection, Faroe Marine and Anthias Violet uses premium German custom-made ebonite that feels luxurious when touched. Deviating from traditional dark colors, these colors are bright, colourful, bold, & aesthetic. Both have special purple and blue colour-plated trims, nibs and ink windows that perfectly matches the colour of each the pen body, which makes the design integral.