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Pentel of Japan is one of the world's leading writing brands and produces many of the planet's favourite pens and pencils. Cult Pens features the UK's widest range of Pentel products, including rare imports. Pentel are especially notable for their mechanical pencils, with probably the best range in this product category of any manufacturer. Check out the Pentel Graph series and the iconic Pentel P200. Pentel are possibly best-known for the iconic green R50 Ball Pentel rollerball - which pretty much introduced the rollerball concept to the UK in the 1970's. It's still going strong. Recently Pentel have focused on their excellent EnerGel range of gel ink rollerballs, which feature particularly smooth and quick-drying ink.

Pentel Bestsellers

The Pentel Colour Brush Pen is a premium quality, nylon tip brush pen available in a range of 24 beautiful vivid translucent colours.

Valve-activated for smooth flow, without leaking the synthetic fibre tip retains its shape.

Excellent for wet-on-wet techniques as demonstrated here by Milly from Blink Lettering.