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Troika's story began in England, where Peter Osborne was busy making silver cufflinks and gearknobs for sports cars. His business was purchased in 1992 and moved to Germany where it has built on the design strengths to win numerous awards and has become a market leader in gifts and accessories. We like Troika because their designs are not mere novelty - they're both functional and supremely well made. The rollerball pen range is expertly put together with high-class refills, but fill gift niches that none of the mainstream pen brands can. The desk accessories are absolutely brilliant and if our team had their way, every desk here would be groaning with them!

Troika Bestsellers

Troika Construction Basic

Troika's Multitasking Ballpoint Pen is part of the Construction series. It's a ballpoint pen, a ruler and capacitive stylus all in one.

Troika Globes

Be it Homer, Shakespeare or Jamie Oliver: your classics, plays and favourite cook books will feel right at home between the globe bookends.