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Inspired by the Bauhaus movement, ottohutt's designs are clean, functional and detail-driven, with all finishes either precious metal or PVD. Each writing instrument is 100% Made in Germany (from which half is handmade), using sustainable and recycled materials, and each is uniquely numbered. They are aeroplane-friendly, subjected to rigorous testing before being released for sale, and what's more, they offer a 3 year warranty and 10 year parts guarantee. Excellent reasons to try an ottohutt pen!

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ottohutt offers an extensive range of exclusive inks with a wide range of varied colours and fragrances. The inks are of the highest quality and ensure a smooth experience when writing and drawing with fountain pens. The scented inks are supplied in stylish 30ml jars.

Otto Hutt Design C

Symmetry, cutting-edge design and ultimate functionality in a 925 Sterling Silver pen. The specially developed “Pull + Twist” mechanism is entirely in line with ottohutt's philosophy of combining user-oriented design with technical innovation. A slow pull brings it into the filling position.

Founded in 1920 by Karl Hutt and later passed to his son Otto, ottohutt were originally jewellery makers, and remain a family firm to this day. They've been making top end products for many years, supplying some of the world's most prestigious brands, and began selling their own brand in 2018.

They combine classic craftsmanship with modern technology, using techniques such as guilloche, an engraving method originating in the 17th century, where the raw material is engraved before being coated with the finishing material.