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Proudly handmade in the Philippines, Vinta inks have a range of beautiful colours, and each colour has a story to tell, related to the local culture or history. Along with standard inks, there are some amazing sheening and shimmering inks to really give your writing some Filipino flair!

Vinta donate 25 Philippine pesos for each bottle they sell to Teach for the Philippines, an initiative that aims to provide all Filipino children with a decent education.

Vinta Bottled Ink 30ml The Awareness Collection by Vinta at Cult Pens
Cult Pens Exclusive Fountain Pen Ink by Vinta 30ml by Vinta at Cult Pens
Vinta 2023 Manila Pen Show Commemorative Fountain Pen Ink 30ml Lilac Dawn [Simulan 2015] by Vinta at Cult Pens

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