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POSCA Rock Painting

Our very talented friend Helen Colebrook from Journal with Purpose let us know why she enjoys rock painting. Be sure to follow her on Instagram to see all her latest work @journalwithpurpose.

Painting pebbles is something of an obsession for me. There feels so much less pressure than turning to a blank page in a sketch book, where it seems there might be an expectation to create something resembling a masterpiece.


I’ve been painting rocks for as long as I can remember. Of course, living in Devon surrounded by beaches may have something to do with that!

POSCA Rock Painting Basket  

By their very nature, every rock is unique - so many colours and textures give you a range of different surfaces to work on. The shape of a rock - be it oval or jagged or elongated - plus the presence of indentations and holes make you really think about how you'd like to decorate it.

POSCA Rock Painting Circle

Before I discovered the magic of POSCA paint pens I would use acrylic paint and a brush, which if I’m honest, was a bit of a struggle for me. My brush control when trying to create detailed lines or dots was lacking a certain finesse.


POSCA paint pens give you that same vibrant acrylic paint look, but with all the control of using a normal pen. With a huge range of colours and shimmery paints too, you just can’t go wrong. They definitely enabled me to 'up' my pebble painting game. Oh yes, it’s a thing! Just look on Instagram at #rockpainting and #pebblepainting to see the amazing creations being shared with the world.


Now, when heading to the beach with my family, I pop some POSCA pens into my beach bag, along with the usual towels, snacks and drinks. Collecting rocks inevitably involves a brave - some would say foolhardy - dip in the sea, resulting in the loss of all feeling in my toes, so any distraction from the numbness in the form of some peaceful pebble painting is most welcome.


It’s not all about the pebbles though. The POSCA pens work well on a huge array of surfaces including glass, wood, ceramic and - of course - paper. With the school holidays now upon us our family has extra time to put our POSCA pens to use. We will be decorating ceramic plates, creating our own house sign on a piece of wood and very likely jazzing up our terracotta plant pots with some geometric patterns.


What’s your next POSCA project? Why not start looking at everyday objects with an eye to transforming them into something less mundane? Let your imagination run wild!

POSCA Rock Painting Book


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