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What's Inside the Cult Pens Advent Calendar 2023? Spoilers!

Cult Pens Avent Calendar 2023Yes, we're doing it again. Our very own advent calendar, full of top quality and useful stationery items! As with previous years, the contents will be great value, worth way more than the price of the advent calendar, and most people will probably want to just trust us on that, and keep each day as a fun little surprise.

But maybe that isn't you. Maybe you want to know all the details. If so, keep reading, but be warned! Spoilers ahead! Your advent calendar may be considerably less fun to open if you already know what's in it.

If you'd rather the contents be a surprise, as intended, stop reading now, and go and order your advent calendar!



Still with us? You're sure you want to know? OK, well, here goes...

Michael Randall


I’m so disappointed I missed the pre-order for this—I’m guessing it sold out? Wish someone would respond on here!

ditto, don’t think I had to order super early last year. Shame if its out of stock.

Hi, is this advent calendar out of stock? I can’t seem to find it on the website!

Same question as others – where is the 2023 advent calendar? I saw them earlier this month, and now they are gone. Also, my account was reset and no longer shows my history. Has this site been sold?

I can’t see where I can order the 2023 advent calendar. Is it still in stock?

Hello, when I click to order it goes to the home page & the calendar is not available. Is this sold out?

Was looking through thinking hmmm ok can’t see where this is worth the money then WHAM! the last item opens up looks sleek and beautiful.

Just purchased this Advent. I love this as a nice treat and for once in my life I can enjoy the gifts everyday.

Hi Guys, it’s really like a Christmas gift from around the world! Lovely! Thanks #TheLifesWay

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