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Pelikan Fine Writing

Founded in Hanover in 1838, Pelikan are one of the premier manufacturers of fountain pens and ink in Germany. However, their enormous product range covers virtually the whole spectrum of writing instruments from the very simplest to what many consider to be the world's finest fountain pens.

Pelikan Edelstein Fountain Pen Ink - Rose Quartz

A luxury ink collection, 'Edelstein' means 'gemstone'. These inks have beautiful, jewel-like colours and are eye-catchingly displayed in heavy, sculpted, crystal-clear bottles. The special recipe ink is designed to flow more smoothly and be gentle and safe for delicate fountain pens.

The barrel is a work of art and is decorated with snow crystals, the full moon, and cherry blossoms. The barrel is sprinkled with gold powder against the dark background to really bring the artist work to life. Inspired by Winter snow, the Autumn moon and Spring flowers, natural beauties in three of the four seasons of Japan.