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Pencyclopedia is the reference section of Cult Pens - where you can learn more about the products we sell, the history of some of the brands we stock and types of products we have, and find lots of ideas for how to use our pens, pencils, paper, paints and more. We've written some articles that we hope will help you choose from our huge range, and we have videos with interviews and workshops.

By Subject

Know what you're interested in? Well, of course you do. If it's one of the subjects here, we have some (hopefully!) good reading and watching for you!

Buying Guides

What you need to know before you buy - what to watch out for to make sure you get the right thing for you and your needs. 

Reference Information

Things you need to know. Well, ok, you might not need to, but knowing stuff is fun. 

Balls and Ball-Tipped Pens

(And how China learned to make them)

Famous Writers and Their Pens


We have run quite a few workshops, with some super knowledgable guests to help!


We have run quite a few workshops, with some super knowledgable guests to help!


Sometimes it's useful to know the past to understand the present. Other times, it's just interesting and fun. And there's a lot of history in our humble writing instruments.

Our Blog

Recent blog posts from Cult Pens. 

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(EDC? EveryDay Carry - the stuff we carry with us to better deal with all a day can bring) For...
Cult Pens Top Ten Gifts 2023
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The Best Inks for Calligraphy
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