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Cult Pens Top Ten Gifts 2023

It's very hard to pick a Top 10 when you have as many products as us. But we did it. No doubt there'll be disagreements. You can't please everybody. But we've given it our best shot. So... from the top...

  1. Cult Pens Exclusive Sport Silver by Kaweco - subtle, silvery, semi-translucent
  2. Cult Pens Christmas Crackers - bangin'!
  3. SUCK UK Skull Desk Tidy - the best use for a skull we've found
  4. BENU Santa Hand-Painted fountain pen - coming soon and very limited!
  5. Sailor Dipton Hocoro Dip Pen Set - a fude nib to show off glitzy inks
  6. Pilot 60th anniversary Capless - as innovative now as it ever was - now sold out! See the rest of the Pilot Capless range.
  7. Derwent Inktense new colours - you can never have too many coloured pencils
  8. POSCA set of 54 - versatile, mark-almost-anything markers
  9. Caran d'Ache Keith Haring - subway art-inspired pens and pencils
  10. Cult Pens Ink Subscription - get a monthly ink fix!

If those didn't seem to be quite what you're looking for, we have plenty more ideas in our full Gift Guide.

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