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Should You Post Your Pens?

No, not sending them to someone in the post. ‘Posting’ is the term for putting the cap of the pen on the back of the barrel while you’re using the pen. It works with most capped pens (though not all!), but should you do it? Is there a risk?

Most pens that can be posted are fine to post, but if the barrel is smooth and polished, it may well pick up marks from posting - usually a scuffed ring where the cap pushes on. If it’s an expensive pen you’d like to keep pristine, it’s certainly safer to not post it.

It’s very rare for a pen to actually be harmed beyond that little cosmetic ‘damage’ by posting, so if you can, and you’re ok with the marks, go for it.

The other consideration is pretty obvious - does it feel too top-heavy when posted? Different people prefer different balances for their pens - some like them a bit top-heavy, while others hate it. But that’s entirely your choice.

There are some pens that are really made to be posted. The Kaweco Sport and Liliput, for example, are very small pens, and without posting, most people would find them a bit uncomfortably short, especially in the case of the tiny Liliput.

A Kaweco AL Sport pen, shown posted and capped for pocket carry.