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Stationery Subscription Box Three

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This edition of the subscription box contains some journaling essentials. Starting with a Leuchtturm1917 notebook we've also provided a selection of pens and accessories to make a start with a journal or to help improve your day to day note taking. The box also comes with a Pentel hand lettering guide with instructions for some basic hand-lettering techniques and practice sheets.
LEUCHTTURM1917 Softcover Notebook B6+ Pacific Green by LEUCHTTURM1917 at Cult Pens
Slim, flexible cover notebooks
Pentel Mattehop 1.0mm Gel Pen by Pentel at Cult Pens
New Colours: Yellow Green, Yellow Orange!
Legami Keep In Mind Adhesive Page Markers Fruits by Legami at Cult Pens
Pentel Sign Pen S520 by Pentel at Cult Pens
An oldie but a goodie - the classic Signpen in 12 colours
Schneider K1 Ballpoint Pen by Schneider at Cult Pens
Pentel Handlettering Guide by Cult Pens at Cult Pens
Tombow Creative Collection Ultra-Strong Liquid Glue PT-WTC by Tombow at Cult Pens
Strong permanent bond with acid-free glue

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