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Staedtler Karat Aquarell Pencils

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The Karat Aquarell is a high quality watercolour pencil, which can be used dry or painted and blended with water. Smooth rich colour and break-resistant lead, with 60 colours available. Usefully, we stock the induvial pencils as well as sets, so you can replace single colours as you use them up, add colours you need to your set, or just buy the exact colours you want rather than just what's been chosen for the set.

Wood from certified, sustainably managed forests.

Staedtler Karat Kneadable Putty Art Eraser by Staedtler at Cult Pens
Classic kneadable putty rubber
Staedtler Karat Aquarell Pencil Tin 12 by Staedtler at Cult Pens
Top quality water-soluble artists colouring pencil

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