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Slice - the perfect name for products that cut things - paper, cardboard, plastic, even thin gauge copper wire… but fortunately not skin. The range was developed by T J Scimone with the safety of his autistic child in mind, and as a way to help fund his ongoing care. The Slice range makes cutting safer and easier, and has a wider range of applications than standard steel instruments.

The biggest innovation concerns the blades: these are made from zirconium oxide, a ceramic material that is incredibly hard and holds its edge up to 11 times longer than steel. It's also non-sparking, non-conductive and chemically inert. It doesn't require maintenance or lubrication of any kind, and it doesn't rust. So, because of the properties of the blades, Slice cutting instruments are safe to use in environments such as clean rooms, precision engineering workshops, hospitals and laboratories.

It's not just the blades that make Slice products such a game-changer, though; the handles are ergonomically-designed to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury and accidental slipping. They're also comfortable to hold and increase ease of use. Where possible, all Slice instruments are suitable for both left- and right-handers, and blades can be replaced without the need for tools.

As a company, Slice aims to be a major player in reducing injuries and preventing accidents in the home and workplace by producing top quality, innovative products. They also actively promote autism awareness by donating 1% of all sales to autism research.

Slice Craft Knife Blades Rounded Tip by Slice at Cult Pens
Save 18%
Innovative cutting instruments designed with safety in mind
Slice Ceramic Scissors Pointed by Slice at Cult Pens
Save 20%
Innovative cutting instruments designed with safety in mind

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