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In honour of Beyoncé's RENAISSANCE hitting cinemas, reigniting the magic of her legendary world tour, we bring you this silvery selection of stationery. From our glittery Kaweco exclusive to the lustrous chrome Cross, these products are all tens tens tens across the board!
Montblanc Meisterstuck Solitaire LeGrand Fountain Pen Geometry Platinum by Montblanc at Cult Pens
Benu Minima Fountain Pen Baikal Ice by Benu at Cult Pens
LEUCHTTURM1917 Hardcover Notebook Medium 1917 Metallic Edition Silver by LEUCHTTURM1917 at Cult Pens
1 in stock
Details make all the difference
Conklin Herringbone Signature Ballpoint Pen Silver by Conklin at Cult Pens
1 in stock
LAMY pico Ballpoint Pen Chrome by LAMY at Cult Pens
Compact, expanding ballpoint
1 in stock
Montblanc StarWalker Fountain Pen Metal by Montblanc at Cult Pens
Pelikan Pura Fountain Pen Silver by Pelikan at Cult Pens
Beautiful aluminium pen
Fisher Space Pen Bullet Pressurised Ballpoint Pen Chrome by Fisher Space Pen at Cult Pens
Sheaffer VFM Fountain Pen Chrome by Sheaffer at Cult Pens
Sheaffer VFM Fountain Pen Strobe Silver by Sheaffer at Cult Pens
1 in stock
Value metal fountain pen
mt Washi Masking Tape - 15mm x 7m - Silver by mt at Cult Pens
Fisher Space Pen 50th Anniversary Astronaut Pen by Fisher Space Pen at Cult Pens
Kaco Square Fountain Pen Silver by Kaco at Cult Pens
Kaweco Supra Fountain Pen Stainless Steel by Kaweco at Cult Pens
Cross Classic Century Ballpoint Pen Lustrous Chrome by Cross at Cult Pens
Sleek, twist-retractable pen
Rhodia Rhodiarama Perpetual Planner A5 Silver by Rhodia at Cult Pens
BIC 4-Colour Multipen Shine Silver by BIC at Cult Pens
Sophisticated fountain pen inspired by Bauuhaus ideals.
Uni POSCA Classpack Set of 24 Metallic Colours by Uni at Cult Pens
Benu Briolette Fountain Pen Luminous Mauve by Benu at Cult Pens
Laban Skeleton Fountain Pen Silver by Laban at Cult Pens
Graf von Faber-Castell Guilloche Fountain Pen Rhodium by Graf von Faber-Castell at Cult Pens
Fountain pen with textured barrel and platinum-plated fittings
Diplomat Zepp 14 ct Nib Fountain Pen Chrome by Diplomat at Cult Pens
Special order line. Will ship in 7-14 days.
OHTO Promecha Pencil MS01 Silver by OHTO at Cult Pens
Gelly Roll Stardust Set of 3 by Gelly Roll at Cult Pens
Gelly Roll Silver Shadow Pen Set of 5 by Gelly Roll at Cult Pens
Troika World In Your Hand Rollerball Pen Silver by Troika at Cult Pens
World in your hands
Pentel Dual Metallic Gel Pen Assorted Wallet of 8 by Pentel at Cult Pens
Two different shades from each pen!
The Good Blue R615 Custom Silver and Stainless Steel Fountain Pen Fine Steel Flex Nib Polymer Feed by The Good Blue at Cult Pens
Luxurious brass pen