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Ohto Promecha

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OHTO Promecha is one of the classic brands in mechanical pencils. We love the beautiful engineering that goes into these superb aluminium pencils. The daddy is the Super Promecha, with its incredible feature set, but we also love the understated simplicity of the entry-level Promecha SP-500P. They're all a joy to use.

OHTO Promecha OP-1000P by OHTO at Cult Pens
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Mid-range solid metal drafting pencil
OHTO Promecha Pencil SP-500P by OHTO at Cult Pens
Purposeful-looking all-aluminium professional pencil
OHTO Promecha Pencil MS01 Black by OHTO at Cult Pens
OHTO Promecha Pencil MS01 Silver by OHTO at Cult Pens
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OHTO Promecha Pencil MS01 Blue by OHTO at Cult Pens