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Fountain Pen Subscription Box Two

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Refill or dispose? Here at Cult Pens we are BIG believers in filling your fountain pen again and again with countless beautiful inks. However, in this box we've given you the chance to test a disposable fountain pen as well as a pen using a converter and bottled ink.


The disposable pen is from from Pilot. Its a top seller for us and you cant question is quality and reliability. This edition also includes the new Clarity Fountain Pen from our friends at Manuscript. They've been making pens here in the UK since 1856, so the definitely know what they're doing! The Clarity Fountain Pen combines style and function to give you the prefect writing instrument. We're also including a Manuscript cartridge converter and two 10ml ink samples for Diamine. 

Over 100 colours of high-quality ink from this great British company
Pilot VPen (V4) Disposable Fountain Pen by Pilot at Cult Pens
A real Cult Pen - disposable fountain pen in 7 ink colours!
Manuscript Ink Converter by Manuscript at Cult Pens
Enables a cartridge pen to use bottled ink

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