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Back To School Sale, Offers and More!

The trouble is with re-stocking for school, college and uni is that there are SO MANY pens, and LOTS of pencils. And pencil cases, erasers, sharpeners, ruler... OH NO! Where do you start? How about here? 

Paper Mate
20% off Rotring
10% off Schneider
Sharpie 20% off
20% off Stabilo
20% off Staedtler
10% tombow
Uni-Ball 20% off
Zebra 10% off

Pens... ballpoint, rollerball or fountain pen? Ballpoints for convenience, rollerballs for a nice bold line and a fountain pen because it's the ultimate in the reusable 'pen for life'.

Made a mistake? Rub it out with Pilot's Frixion! Or do it cutely with a Legami erasable.

Or use a humble pencil. There are plenty to choose from: some have a handy eraser on the end and some - the Perfect Pencil - even have a sharpener built in as well. STABILO offer ergonomic grips!

Erasers - so MANY different types! But they all rub out, so it's down to design. Go for something traditional, which looks like an eraser, or try something more fantastical, which can look like pretty much anything!

Rulers will all offer a straight line, though some will offer a wavy one as well. Some fit nicely into a pencil case while others will fold up. Choose from sturdy metal, bendy plastic, or even wood. Sorted!

Highlighters highlight and lowlight. They can be bright and brash, or subtle and discreet. They can be pens, markers or even pencils. Something for every taste.

No stationery for school, college or uni is complete without a pencil case. Or it would be all over the place. There are well-organised ones for those who like everything in its place, and simple tubes for those who like to rummage for what they want.