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2024 Favourites of the Year so far

15 Results

A selection of staff favourites and best sellers from the year so far.

It's felt like a really good year for new products here, with a lot of exciting stuff. The Kaweco Sport Piston Filler was very exciting for fountain pen fans generally, especially fans of the popular brand. Montblanc's celebration of 100 years of the Meisterstück, with the Origin collection, is a pretty big event, and of plenty of interest - especially those who can afford such luxury pens, but still interesting to everyone else too.

Retro 51 puts out a lot of special edition pens, with some beautiful finishes, but the Flying Scotsman was our favourite this year (so far!), and it's a lovely design.

And it's always nice when there's stuff to get excited about at the lower end of the price range too, like the super cute Legami Bee and Hippo additions to their Erasable Pen range.

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