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0.7mm Lead

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0.7mm pencils are favoured for general-purpose writing pencils, and many of the premium pencils use this size. Hence there's a good range of brands and grades available to choose from.

Pilot ENO and Pentel Super Polymer lead both have an excellent range of grades, but Pentel AIN Stein and Uni Nano Dia are the top dogs for strength and smoothness.

Faber-Castell Super-Polymer Leads 0.7mm by Faber-Castell at Cult Pens
Leads in range 2B-2H, suitable for all 0.7mm pencils
rotring Lead 0.7mm by rotring at Cult Pens
Lead for rotring and other fine-lead pencils
Pentel Super Hi-Polymer Lead 0.7mm by Pentel at Cult Pens
Best-selling lead refill in 0.7mm
Staedtler Mars Micro Carbon Leads 0.7mm by Staedtler at Cult Pens
High quality leads, suitable for 0.7mm mechanical pencils
Uni Nano Dia Erasable Colour Lead 0.7mm by Uni at Cult Pens
Erase with a standard eraser
Caran d'Ache 6707 0.7mm Lead by Caran d'Ache at Cult Pens
High-quality polymer lead
Pentel Coloured Lead 0.7mm by Pentel at Cult Pens
0.7mm coloured pencil lead
Kaweco Graphite Lead 0.7mm HB by Kaweco at Cult Pens
Pencil lead for Kaweco pencils
LAMY M40 0.7 lead Refill by LAMY at Cult Pens
0.7mm Lamy lead
Derwent Precision Mechanical Pencil Leads Set HB & 2B 0.7 by Derwent at Cult Pens
Refills for the Derwent Precision mechanical pencil
Uni UL-S Sharp Pencil Lead 0.7mm by Uni at Cult Pens
Pilot ENO G Lead 0.7mm by Pilot at Cult Pens
Super strong lead
S.T. Dupont 0.7mm Pencil Lead Refill by S.T. Dupont at Cult Pens
Suitable for ST Dupont mechanical pencils
The current leader in lead technology - smoother, darker, stronger!

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